Max Weiss is the managing editor of Baltimore magazine, a film and culture critic, a lover of sports, and a recapper of TV shows. She is currently adopting an objective third-person tone to pretend she’s not writing this bio.

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  1. The real reason Democrats lost. Voter backlash was inevitable. Democrats staged the uprising. Democrats drifted from their working class base. They morphed into an elitist, plutocratic party. Their liberal agenda confused, alienated then angered supporters.

    The initial misstep was lack of support for the Affordable Health Care Act. Democrats failed to provide a reasonable explanation of the program’s benefits and costs. The only visible change appeared to be increased health care costs. There is a perceived causal effect between ACA and spiraling health care costs when none exists. Health Care costs are rising 1% monthly. Republicans have convinced American’s the program is costly at worst and ineffective at best.

    Second was the Obama Administration’s support of gay marriage. This undermines beliefs held by millions. American’s believe marriage is reserved for a man and a woman.

    Then our education system introduced Alternative Lifestyle curricula. Teachers promote the benefits of living a “TBGL lifestyle” to children as early as kindergarten.

    Finally, we endured the national discussion regarding restroom decorum for Transgendered. A general consensus exists that legislating “Special Rights” is insane.

    This election turned the clock back 50 years. We are once again 2 separate Americas. Each with fingers in ears shouting to drown out the other.

    One America, a homogeneous group ending with Gen X, once proud working class citizens forgotten by an America they remember as great.

    The other composed of members and supporters of the “Special Rights” groups mentioned above, the millennials and generations of non-European descent, still waiting for America to deliver her long promised greatness.

    Obama’s statement during his 1st term campaign was prophetic. Middle America has lost everything except “God and Guns”. And they sure did cling to their “God and Guns” when it appeared Hillary was next coming for them.

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